Question on veggies


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I am pretty busy throughout the day and I was wondering if drinking a bottle of V8 juice is sufficiant for my daily veggie intake, or should I stick to trying to cram some carrotts and Broccoli when I have the opportunity? .
While I like V8 juice I think it's rather high sodium. Another thing to consider is you'd be missing out on the fiber that fresh veggies offer.

That said, if all you have time for is to grab a bottle of V8, it's definitely better than nothing at all. :)
well v-8 juice is great but you would problaby get more from consuming broccoli or carrots try doing both if you can
but v-8 juice should suffice imo
I too agree that fresh veggies would be far better than a V-8.
Maybe drink the V-8 at work but do try to get some real veggies in at some point during the day.