Question regarding rest between sets.

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Hey all. I could really use some input about how much rest you give yourself between sets. I'm a little confused.

Right now I feel as if the only way I make any size or strength gains is to lift as heavy as possible for 3 sets per excercise, around 5-8 reps per set. I usually pyramid the weight up as I go along. I'm at the point where I feel I need about 4-5 minutes to recover enough to tackle the weight I have been doing again (sepecially on legs days w/ heavy squats). From my reading and experience I feel this is typically a strength program but I use it for both strength and size.

I've been reading about how many lifters only rest between 30 seconds to one minute between sets. I've tried it before and found that I have to really drop the weights down by about 30% just to make a 3x8-10 range, and lifting so little weight just doesn't seem to cut it. I feel like I lose strength and size by dropping the weight and cutting the rest between sets.

Often I hit plateus and could use a major change to switch things up. I would like some imput about how you use rest periods to go between your lifting cycles.

Has anyone ever had to shift from lifting heavy and taking long rests to lifting lighter weights and taking shorter rests with any success? Could you tell me a little about it, what I should expect... maybe jump right into the change or ease into it by gradually decreasing my rest between sets?
2 mins sounds about right. Personally , I don't watch the clock, my next set starts when my breathing has returned to normal.
Depends on the % you are lifting. If you are lifting high weight/low reps than your muscles will need anywhere from 2-5 mins. When doing sets of 8-10 than 1-2 mins should be sufficient. You need to gauge how your body responds. You have already started this by saying you need to decrease weight when cutting down rest period. decide what you want to work on, see how your body responds than react. Everybody is different.

I don't take much time at all between sets. I wait until I get over that shakey feeling from the last set the hit it again.
I now use a stopwatch and it makes all the difference in my intensity. I used to wait what I thought was a minute or two, but that was not a very accurate way to do it, it is surprising how fast one minute goes by sometimes after a tough set.
I dont keep track of time, dont really care to. I usually get up and make faces in the mirror or someting and walk around untill Im all calmed back down again.
To answer your question Bonze I feel variety is key in training! Change it up and see how you will grow!!
Good luck !!!
I believe when liftin heavy you need plenty of time to recover between sets. Rushing only makes you fuck up your form. I speed up my rest time only when i want to shock my muscles which is like once a month or so. Other than that im like billy flexing and trying to look tough for the chicks.