Randy Couture signed a 4 fight contract --CAPTAIN AMERICA


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I'm surprised he's going after the title with a year long layoff. I thought he might have a fight or two to get rid of the ring rust.


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I'll be in Columbus watching UFC68.....they got a great line-up and I can't wait to see Randy take on Tim!


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Tim's fights are boring now. He doesn't want to lose the belt, so he plays it safe. He could have easily knocked out Monson if pushed the pace.


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observation on coutoure... if you watch any of his press / public appearances, he never looked out of shape, didnt get a gut, looked sharp... I knew he was comming back.... he is intelligent enough and skilled enough to pull out a victory over the goof silvia....this guy will fiqure a way past the reach advantage, I'm sure of that..then we will c if he has enough to finish big tim... hats off to Randy... makes me feel like shit to c someone at least 10 yrs my superior kickin ass...

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i wanna get my FAT MAX hammer i have in my car and be locked in a cage with silva for ten minutes and fuck him up, hate that fagget


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randy is not your traditional wrestler...he trains in a judo camp at high altitudes. He does not take outside shots like monson or TITO do.. Randy will engage and work for a body lock and or a throw etc. Dont forget...randy will submit you aswell.

Randy has brought in Wes Sims and some other big guys to train w\him....(SIms is 6'9--285)
Randy knows what he is doing. On the beatdown yesterday he sounded very composed and knew what he has to do....

Tim is going to stick his jab out there to keep randy away--but randy will def shoot off the combo (that is if Tim lets his hands go--which I dont think he will do)

Randy is sitting at 225-230lbs and looks alot different then he did back when he was a heavyweight---more quality weight.


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Randy is a fucking genius. Get out, take a break, come back in when there is a weak champion, beat him, and he's back at the top.