received my first customs letter today, what NOW?


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I ordered some clen and Winstrol (winny) from ********.com and all an all I'd have to say they get back to me real quick via email and I was looking forward to getting my order. I was actually tracking it via FedEx. However, I received a letter today from customs detailing what was in the package. Basically, the letter as most of you have probably received in the past asks me if I want to dispute this and all that legal jargon. I just want some feedback on what to do next. I am guessing as far as customs goes I should do nothing, Right? Also, I sent an email to ******** notifying them as well. Some links or advice on where to order next would be much appreciated as well.
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this is a source post and no one will tell you where to order the next time!!! i checked out the site and damn their stuff is expensive. i would never buy any gear that pricey.
Ok I wasn't aware that no one would tell me where to order in the future. I see the reasoning behind it now that I stop and think about it. I was attracted to XXXXXXX because they were the only source I found that would take a credit card. I figured if I didn't get the goods from them I could charge them back for it through visa. I guess I'll chalk it up to being a newbie at this and learn from this expensive lesson.

-Geeeezus bro...Grafix already deleted your source ONCE!!!!! Please refrain from naming the source. Thank you. -DRvj
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Dont order online. You are rarely gonna recieve anything from those online-pharms. Throw the customs letter in the garbage. Chalk it up to inexpereince, and never have shit mailed to your house again.
Was it sent via fed ex or did you track by accident? The reason is, I have received a few letters from ups and fed ex, both parties letters were totally different than usps. They did not say u.s. customs, instead they said "FDA". One was from Anchorage, AK & the other from Louisville, KY. FDA stated that "they were returning to sender due to medication not FDA approved. They said if it were not available in the usa I had a life threatening illness I could get a letter and they would send (no DR. will state that for anabolics) or if I had (which I have) a script from a Dr. in the Country and that person could show proof he was a citizen in the Country it came from. I got to know this nice foreign exchange student from Turkey. His anapolon is shipped via ups and it is here in 2 days every time. The first time they check it to make sure it is what it says. After that, they do not open anymore. It is sent w/ a copy of the script and does not ever get touched again. U.S. customs are dicks, two years ago the guy from FDA laughed about 1,000 anapolon 500 sustanon and 500 primo, if that was sent usps I probably would be writing this from a jail cell. I get everything legal now. I do not order anything illegal like before, I have too much to lose now.
Hammer how long ago did you get letters from UPS/FedEx? I've had several packages sent to me through UPS/FedEx. Just trying to figure out why your packages were flagged. :confused:
JohnyJuice said:
Dont order online. You are rarely gonna recieve anything from those online-pharms. Throw the customs letter in the garbage. Chalk it up to inexpereince, and never have shit mailed to your house again.

I have ordered from 3 different International Pharmacies and have recieved every time. (I think 7 packages in total). I consider myself very lucky, and would not order again from them again. Customs is catching on to the packing methods, and on top of that the prices are insane. Not worth it

PS do not PM/email me asking for the pharmacies (one is out of business, and the other two are becoming very risky) thanks :)
82......They were never flagged (I do not think). At the time I was stupid and was buying stuff for other people and to stock up. I was getting 2-3 packs (large)a week international by fed ex or ups. While it was working I kept buying. One time ups opened and called me. They returned to sender. After that the pharmacist in Turkey told me he had a new way to send. He would send them as medicine w/ a script. Well, FDA told me the first time meds are sent from foreign Country they test it for our safety. Once they test ok they go through Customs clearance w/ no problem. So the next time I ordered some tylenol and otc products they tested ok and after that everything came easily.
The following is from an email that my source sent me last night late.
"You have to tell to the customs that you didn't ordered anything to Spain and that they have to return shipment to origin. Please provide us another clean address and we will resend you the stuff by another method. This is totally cost free for you."

My question is should I do this or just let it die with Customs?
If you tell customs that you you weren't expecting a package you should be fine. You will also be fine by doing nothing at all. If you tell them to return it to the sender, it might be a little shady, I don't know how they would handle that. i think it would be minimal risk to youself to tell them to return it to the sender, or maybe it would be best to cut your losses. It's hard when you just lose money like that though but I would play it safe.