reliable online pharms?


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ummm i edited this was asking about online pharms!

was trying to find reliable pharms...becaus ethe ones that i use on a regular basis didnt carry what i was looking this considered a source post?
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I assume you mean international, in which case, if you live in the US I'd just get it from a regular source.
Online sources are best avoided unless you know who your dealing with. Local sources with a good reputation are best.
I'm glad you guys handled this thread well. Typically this type of a thread would end up getting deleted or locked because of bad judgement. Thanks for being intelligent about it.
I think you guys think im trying to find a source for anabolics....which im not....Im asking for suggestions for other reliable online pharmacies from where i can order anccilaries. I have a few...but the dont carry the anccilaries that im looking for. Primarily arimidex and t3....My anabolic sources do cary these products but are too pricey to be reasonable. So Im looking for online pharmacies that are reliable and have good customer service. Is this considered a source post?
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Thanx....thats why Im asking...lots of you bros have been in the scene a while and have the experience...thanx everyone for the feedback!
a lot of the online pharmacies can get around the legal jargon. They have you pay a consult fee and/or physician fee to look over your bloodwork which you pay for.....fax to them and then they will sell you up to a 90 day supply of the substance....problem is that they jack the price higher than most domestics you have what they consider a 90 day supply not what you consider, you have paid for some bloodwork that they will probably not look at anyway...just need it on file to cover their have paid they doctor fee for looking at the bloodwork you paid for.....paid for the high priced product and shipping.......risk customs just need a domestic......this post has depressed me about doctors and pharmacists they are the biggest crooks of all.....they have used the law to systematically legitimize certain routes......if you have the jack go that route you will be legit.....but for the other 99% of the people looking they do not have the time or the inclination let alone the funds to play that game.........