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Originally posted on Anabolic Universe.

Concerned board member ‘hardscience’ contacted our office to get the opinion of Attorney Rick Collins regarding the current situation. This is his position:

Obviously, without a proper investigation, we can only speculate as to the potential consequences of this situation. There are a number of plausible scenarios and outcomes. Whether or not a hacker or competitor is responsible for exposing the personal information of the customers of both “Finakits” and “Researchkits,” one thing we know for certain is that the government has had the opportunity to view and record the names, addresses and personal information of each of these customers. Those of you who have read Legal Muscle will know that this information may potentially be entered into one of a number of comprehensive databases. These databases contain many different sources of information about individuals, including one’s driver’s license, occupation, all known addresses, etc. This information can then be used to cross-reference with other suspicious activity. For example, the government could potentially enter the names of these individuals into their database and cross-reference whether this name and information has appeared on lists of customers who have ordered cattle implants or received a seizure notice from customs. Regardless of the legality of the sale, purchase, or possession of these “research kits,” the consequences of the revelation of this information can prove detrimental to the individuals listed. At the very least, this information and all known addresses could be flagged and possibly monitored for the future. Other possibilities include this information being used to inspire or contribute to an investigation of an individual or this could even result in a visit by a “friendly” government agent. It is questionable whether this information alone is sufficient to obtain a search warrant.

Government agents are surely monitoring many online message boards in the course of compiling evidence and information for their investigations. Time and time again, online information and posts are included in the discovery packet of our clients. It is even possible that a government agent or entity is responsible for this information “leak” in an attempt to frighten and intimidate.

With respect to the rights of the customers affected, pending a full investigation it is unknown whether and to what extent there is potential liability on the part of the companies involved and the possible failure to properly protect private customer information.

The investigative tactics and resources used by government authorities are explored in much greater detail in Legal Muscle. The course of events that generally leads to an arrest and prosecution are covered step by step, each in its own chapter. From the potential online activity giving rise to the investigation, Legal Muscle chronicles the method of investigation, the controlled delivery, the search warrant, the acceptance of a package, the interrogation tactics, the arrest and prosecution, the forfeiture, and the potential consequences and penalties under both State and Federal law. Knowing what to expect, and being prepared to address any of these potential scenarios, is an invaluable tool when faced with the alternative possibility of making a crucial mistake that could change your life forever. The “powers that be” should no longer be allowed to prey on public ignorance. Know your rights and be prepared! www.teamlegalmuscle.com
My first thought would be "How the hell can the Government use that info in any way when it was obtained illegally in the first place?"
StoneColdNTO said:
My first thought would be "How the hell can the Government use that info in any way when it was obtained illegally in the first place?"

The key is that the government didn't do anything illegal when it viewed the information that was posted on a public board. The fact that the person who posted the information may have done something illegal isn't especially relevant IMO.
Nothing is going to be done. Animal went through this years ago. His computer was taken and his door was kicked down. No charges were ever filed for that episode. Also, the kits are sold as pro-hormone delivery systems....not fina kits. They can be used however the buyer chooses to.

like wartime said, i have did nothign wrong so i could care less.
And i think if something was going to happen we would be hearing about it by now, however i could be wrong.
If they do come by, I will have to give them a gift basket of aroma therapy I made with my kit. Then we can have sandwiches and talk about my cattle implant business.