running eq before, and up into competition


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For those of you that compete. I was thinking of running 600mgs of eq while cutting before, and up into (during) competition. Id like opinions on whether eq is good to run during a show, or if I should drop it before the show since it does aromatize slightly.

Im also gonna stack this with something else, not sure yet. I was thinking test prop, and then drop the prop a week before the show.
Eq will help increase your vascularity and make you look harder.
It would be good to stack with tren and Winstrol (winny). Winny/prop/and masteron would also be a good cutting cycle for you although kinda pricey.
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How about this for a cutting cycle.
weeks 1-12 600mg eq
weeks 1-6 75mg fina ed
weeks 6-12 50mg Winstrol (winny) ed
weeks 1-12 50mg proviron ed
This cycle in combination with a strict diet and proper cardio should get you really cut and hard looking.