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Hay all,

I am getting ready to start my second cycle. I am uncertain about dosages. So I thought I go to the experts. Here are some specs:

41 yo, 6' tall, 180 lb, 12% BF. My first cycle was just over a year ago. I ran Sustanon (sust) 250 2 X a week and Deca 100 2X a week. The cycle ran for 8 weeks.

I am currently weight training 4X a week. I do cardio 3X a week. I consume approximately 350 gram of protein a day. I am looking to put on 20 Lb of muscle.

Currently I have Test Ethenate@125 mg/ml, Test Propionate@125mg/ml, EQ@200mg/ml and Winstrol (winny) and HGH. All injectables. I would like to front load my cycle with Prop for the first 2 weeks. This is what I had in mind

Test Ethenate 250mg 2X WK 1-11
Test Prop 125mg EOD 1-2
EQ 200mg WK 3-6
Winny ? mg WK 7-12
HGH 4 IU ED 4-12

Any Thoughts?
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4 weeks of eq is a waste eq should be run a minimum of 10-12 weeks to get in your system , the test looks fine but have anti es on hand , and the winnie looks solid start at 50 mg per day divided into 2 doses but end it 2 weeks after your last eth shot starting clomid/nolvadex the next day , good luck bro


In addition to what DADAWG said about the EQ.......the same principle applies to the HGH...not near long enough to see much in the way of results. HGH should be run for a minimiun of 3 months, preferably 6.


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I agree with the guys, boldenone is useless for only 4 weeks.
I would run win only 50mg EOD (second cycle... you know...).
I also would drop propionate, or maybe use it just for week 1.