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Abdominal Fat,Abdominal Obesity And How To Get Rid Of Ab Fat For Good
By the way this is my personal article based on personal experience and research that I have done for quite some time so I shall my views and research on how to get rid of ab fat so you can see that six pack of abs you always wanted.

As the national obesity level rises in this country due to several factors one problem that seems to be on the rise is the amount of people(mostly men)are experiencing abdominal obesity,a state where the individual has mostly fat around the ab region then anywhere else,in fact you can be skinny on other parts of your body but all or most of the fat that someone accumulates ends up the least place no one wants,the ab region.There are several causes of this:

Stress-High levels of stress has been linked to a whole bunch of health problems including abdominal obesity and a host of other problems like high blood pressure,heart disease and other health problems.

Cortisol-Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the adrenal gland,cortisol has been known to cause fat gains in people,in fact it's one of the big 3 hormones in the body that causes fat gain(the other two are insulin and estrogen)but it seems that cortisol is also a very big ab fat builder as well,in fact some studies indicate that cortisol could be responsible for at least 45-50% of abdominal fat gains in men alone.What cause cortisol to be release,several factors such as hunger,stress(personal stress and exercise induced stress)lack of sleep and some other factors as well.

Poor Diet-This seems to be the other major factor on why some people gain fat around the ab area.Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time can do this to people in a hurry.Eating sugar based and high fatty foods will put a spare tire real quick.How,well like I mentioned above insulin is a very big fat producing hormone if it's manipulated in a way where excess sugar is converted into fat once glycogen stores have been filled,that means that once glycogen has been replenished by the body,any excees glycgoen is converted into bodyfat,well it seems that most of it ends up being stored in the ab region and that is how insulin if not manipulated the right way can cause that unsightly pot belly that everyone dreads to see.

Estrogen-One of the big 3 hormones responsible for fat gains(see above what the other 2 are)high levels of estrogen in men and women have been known to put on pounds of ugly fat.Well in some cases,in men especially,estrogen can be a pretty good ab fat building hormone,studies that have been conducted suggested that high levels of estrogen in men can increase ab fat in the ab region in addition to other factors such as high levels of cortisol and poor food choices too,talk about triple whammy.

Lack Of Exercise-Those who don't exercise or don't do much have a tendiency to put fat on real fast,people who don't exercise tend to eat bad and have more stress which causes fat gains.Laziness often does this to people,if your on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer,chances are that you don't get enough exercise to help burn fat and keep it off.

So with all of these factors how can we reduce ab fat region(or even fat on other parts of the body)well speaking from personal experience and research I have done here are some tips on how to burn that ugly fat belly and see those sculpted abs that you worked so hard for.

BCAA's-Research has been done on this and the results are amazing,scientists have conduted tests on this and all the tests point out that supplementing BCAA's can reduce ab fat.If you are on a reduced-calorie diet, BCAAs can contribute to a greater loss of fat while maintaining your strength levels.Take at least 3-5 grams for desired results.

CLA-As more and more studies come out on CLA and it's fat burning benefits,more and more people are jumping on the CLA bandwagon,CLA is a type of fatty acid,found in certain foods such as meat and dairy product.CLA has been known to be a good ab fat reducer too,it attacks adipose cells in the abdominal regioin and converts them into energy.Take at least 3g daily,a good source of CLA are supps that have toalin CLA and free range meat such as buffalo.

EFA's-What can I say,EFA's may be the secret weapon on not only building muscle but reducing bodyfat as well.Good fats found in sources such as olive oil,natural peanut butter,flax seed and flax see oils,fish and fish oils,etc have been known to pack on some muscle and reduce body fat,consume at least 20% fats into your diet,you won't regret it.

Exercise-By doing either cardio,high intense weight lifting or both you increase your metabolic rate thus you burn bodyfat in the process,speed up your metabolic drive by doing high intensity weighlifting focusing on compound movements such has bench press,deadlift and squat,these exercises jack up growth hormone levels and we all know that growth hormone is a potent fat burner.Also do HIIT style of cardio,HIIT has been proven to burn more fat then traditional low intensity cardio.Doing 20 minutes of HIIT cardio can burn fat more then doing 45 minutes of low impact cardio.For more info on HIIT check out this website

Reduce Stress And Cortisol-As stated above,stress and an increase of cortisol can increase bodyfat especially around the ab region.Reducing stress is a personal choice of someones,several factors such as job,childern and money problems can cause high levels of stress so each individual has to find a way to reduce the stress on his or her own by looking at what is causing it and figuring out on how to deal with it,as far as cortisol is concerned,there are supps out there that can help such as a multi-vitamin complexe,PS(Phosphatidylserine) is one the best cortisol reducers on the market so you guys might want to try that out,there is also an article in the frat house anabolic forum on this site that explains what cortisol is and how do reduce it down.

Reducing Estrogen-By reducing estrogen and controling hormonal balance in your body,you can burn fat faster,you can do this by diet,not taking anything that can increae estrogen such as highly androgenic steroids(unless you have some anti e's on hand)and reducing stress in your life.

Get Your Diet In Check-We all know that a poor diet can increase bodyfat levels so it's up to you to change your diet by eating at least 6 meals a day,if you eat 6 meals a day,your body becomes a fat burning furnace,this effect is called the metabolic effect of eating,so not only are you getting the right nutrients to help build muscle,your also buring that unwanted fat,especially the fat covering the abs.Focus on eating quality protein found in lean meats,fish,chicken,turkey,cottege cheese,eggs and supplements,good fats found in olive oil,flax,fish and fish oil and all natty peanut butter,eat only complex carbs such as yams,whole grain breads and rice,oatmeal certain fruits and veggies,avoid empty calories such as soda pop and beer and avoid high fatty foods and simple sugars(except post workout).

I speak from personal experience,because I had a pot belly at one time and I did all of these things and in no time I lost it all and found those abs that I have built while it was being covered in all that ugly fat.Do all or most of these tips and watch ugly bodyfat everywhere,including ab fat disappear for good.

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bro im taking in about

16 grams of cla ED
4 TBSPs of flax ed
and NYC in morning and night training
along with a host of other supplements

ive noticed i am losing the fat and quite quicklyi might add. im waking on the tredmill at 3.5-4.0mph and at a 13% incline (as high as the ones at my gym will go) for 45 mins in the morning and 25 in the evening, for the last 14 days and im down 9 lbs which im sure most is water so far but i look significantly smaller. im also doing almost a 0 carb diet and remaining in moderate ketosis for the whole day(keytone test strips). next week i will try running for 20 mins in the morning and night instead of doing 45 mins of walking up the incline. do your recommend running at an incline or just at a flat pace? and also at what speed? should it be like a constant 6.5 mph for all 20 mins or should it vary? thanks

Re: bro im taking in about

minitor2 said:
DO you recommend running at an incline or just at a flat pace? and also at what speed? should it be like a constant 6.5 mph for all 20 mins or should it vary? thanks

Shit bro, from the:

- shitload of CLA (16 grams---$$$)
- "0" carbs
-2 work-outs/day

I'd say do what ever the hell cardio you want to (or none at all).........and you're gonna get silly-ripped!

Great dedication bro
But I DO all the things it says to......and I DON'T do the things it says not to, but I still have the problem.

Must be another contributing factor...........getting older !!
yeah doc im hoping

to get sub 8% but only time will tell i will keep this up for 12 weeks and see where i am at the end of it. i hope it turns out liek that im expecting. also im getting damn tired of chicken, broccoli spinach and eggs! and its not even 2 weeks total yet!

Aint that the truth brother!!!!!!!! Oh well.....there's still my final trump card in the "game" : GH!

Saving it for when all else fails ;)
Good post Doc. (ya, I actually read it!) I think I am going to switch to HIIT for cardio now. Give it a try and see what happens.
I read it, no really. But, I rember Nandi actually posting something about Estrogen having fat burning qualities. I think it is more about diet high in refined carbs, and poor insulin control. Type II diabetics are more likely to store fat in the abdominal area, so there is a correlation between chronically high insulin levels and ab fat.
Heres a bit of it:

And with estrogen, it is both an anorectic and lipolytic hormone. The anorectic, or appetite suppresive, effect is thought to be due to an estrogen induced inhibition in Melanin-concentrating hormone signaling (1).

The fat loss effects are thought to be due primarily to an estrogen induced suppression of lipoprotein lipase, the body's main fat storage hormone. The link I directed you to earlier goes into great detail.

People who talk about "estrogenic fat" are just looking at one limited aspect of estrogen's action. There is no such thing as estrogenic fat. The net action is one of fat burning. In fact, to quote from the leading expert on the hormonal control of fat,

"Oestrogens seem to exert net effects similar to those of testosterone" (2).

Interestingly, recent research has even attributed at least part of testosterone's fat burning properties to its local aromatization to estradiol (3).

(1) J Neurosci 2000 Nov 15;20(22):8637-42

Hypothalamic melanin-concentrating hormone and estrogen-induced weight loss.

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(3) Metabolism 1997 Feb;46(2):179-85

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thanks Doc Great post...

what flax/efa supp do you guys suggest i think that is one aspect of my diet that i need to "bump" up

RoadHouse said:
I read it, no really. But, I rember Nandi actually posting something about Estrogen having fat burning qualities. I think it is more about diet high in refined carbs, and poor insulin control. Type II diabetics are more likely to store fat in the abdominal area, so there is a correlation between chronically high insulin levels and ab fat.

Maybe not directly, but in hypogonadal-obesity cycle...

Studies in which aromatase inhibitors were used on men have shown no changes in body composition...

Med Hypotheses 1999 Jan;52(1):49-51 Related Articles, Links

The hypogonadal-obesity cycle: role of aromatase in modulating the testosterone-estradiol shunt--a major factor in the genesis of morbid obesity.

Cohen PG.

Massive obesity in males is associated with decreased total and free testosterone levels as well as elevated estradiol levels. The decrease in testosterone occurs without the compensatory increases in gonadotropin and a progressive hypogonadotropic hypogonadal cycle develops. During the hypogonadal state, there is a preferential deposition of abdominal adipose tissue. With the increasing fatty-tissue accumulation, there is an increase of aromatase activity that is associated with a greater conversion of testosterone to estradiol (testosterone-estradiol shunt). This results in further depression of testosterone concentrations and leads to the increased preferential deposition of abdominal fat that, in turn, leads to a progressive hypogonadal state. Testalactone, an aromatase inhibitor, interrupts this cycle and repairs the depressed testosterone concentrations and decreases estradiol levels. This increases the testosterone levels and reverses the preferential deposition of abdominal fat, while increasing muscle protein and fat-free mass
"HIIT has been proven to burn more fat then traditional low intensity cardio"

In this study no difference was found....

Effects of exercise intensity on cardiovascular fitness, total body composition, and visceral adiposity of obese adolescents.

Gutin B, Barbeau P, Owens S, Lemmon CR, Bauman M, Allison J, Kang HS, Litaker MS.

Georgia Prevention Institute, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA 30912, USA.

BACKGROUND: Little is known about how the intensity of exercise influences cardiovascular fitness and body composition, especially in obese adolescents. OBJECTIVE: Our goal was to determine the effects of physical training intensity on the cardiovascular fitness, percentage of body fat (%BF), and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) of obese adolescents. DESIGN: Obese 13-16-y-olds (n = 80) were assigned to 1) biweekly lifestyle education (LSE), 2) LSE + moderate-intensity physical training, or 3) LSE + high-intensity physical training. The intervention lasted 8 mo. Physical training was offered 5 d/wk, and the target energy expenditure for all subjects in physical training groups was 1047 kJ (250 kcal)/session. Cardiovascular fitness was measured with a multistage treadmill test, %BF with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and VAT with magnetic resonance imaging. RESULTS: The increase in cardiovascular fitness in the high-intensity physical training group, but not in the moderate-intensity group, was significantly greater than that in the LSE alone group (P = 0.009); no other comparisons of the 3 groups were significant. Compared with the LSE alone group, a group composed of subjects in both physical training groups combined who attended training sessions >or=2 d/wk showed favorable changes in cardiovascular fitness (P < 0.001), %BF (P = 0.001), and VAT (P = 0.029). We found no evidence that the high-intensity physical training was more effective than the moderate-intensity physical training in enhancing body composition. CONCLUSIONS: The cardiovascular fitness of obese adolescents was significantly improved by physical training, especially high-intensity physical training. The physical training also reduced both visceral and total-body adiposity, but there was no clear effect of the intensity of physical training.