Silverback's current diet

You must be really good with training if you can gain off of that diet at your weight and experience off cycle. Consider yourself lucky! I would need 3x the carbs and I would probably not do much except maintain or perhaps grow stronger. Don't get me wrong, I am not at all bashing your diet as it is very strongly constructed. I just want to complain about being such an ectomorph. :(
at 250, if you are planning to bulk, u need at the least 2g of carbs per lb. so 500g of carbs, at the least, i get 500 at 210, so if i were in your shoes, id be tyring to hit 600g.
jeez bro,you eat alot of chicken.If I ate that much chicky I would be a fart machine.

Looks like a really good cutting diet. I'd agree that for bulking, I'd add some more complex carbs in there.
I thought you were going to stay natural for awhile bro, but anyways, I would def throw in some more complex carbs if not maybe some oatmeal, sweet potatoes. What is your cycle looking like bro. Did you ever find out Cutler's tanning method? Good luck bro
Tell the truth you eat at weinerschnitzle on sahara there by golds.
PS does golds ever change the bulubs in their tanning beds in vegas here? Did you guys ever press charges on your coworker that pocketed all the money from memberships and tried to run his truck into the building?
Hey do you know of a good nutritionist here in vegas silverback? Ps your progress from what I have seen on the boards is awesome keep up the good work.
I don't work out at your golds but on the sandhill one. that guy selling fakes memberships i heard is in jail on parole violation. Damnit do you eat at the weinershnitzle?
Silverback316 said:
This is my diet right now as I am about 3 weeks away from my second cycle. I am at 245 lbs right now and would like to hit 250 lbs before I start up my cycle.

Meal 1: 1 cup Fiber One Cereal w/ 2 scoops whey powder

Meal 2: 3 chicken breasts w/ large serving of vegetables and 1 tbsp flax oil

Meal 3: Met-rx MRP w/ 2 rice cakes

Meal 4: Preworkout: 2 scoops whey powder w/ 1 scoop creatine and added glutamine

Meal 5: postworkout: 2 scoops whey powder w/ 1 scoop creatine and 1 Carbo Force drink.

Meal 6: 2 chicken breasts w/ large serving of vegetables

Meal 7: 2 chicken breats w/ vegetables or 96% lean ground beef with egg egg whites and 1 tbsp flax oil.

Meal 8: (optional) Met-Rx MRP

I follow this pretty much everyday and on nonworkout days I substitute my pre and post workout shakes with real food or MRP.

Where's your daily serving of DNP? J/K