Slin-what if you workout at night?


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I have been doing some research on slin. I like what I am reading so far. One question though.

I workout at night, sometimes finishing up around 8-9pm. There is no way I could stay up till 2am, since I get up at 6am for work.
Is it necessary to take slin right after w/o, or can you take it any other time? Like maybe as soon as I get up?

I would like to try this after my cycle is done, but not sure if I will be able to.
You should try a longer acting slin. If your Diet is strict enough, you will do very well. With longer acting slin, there are no peaks, but you just have to keep eating clean all day. Remember your body will give you plenty of time to react. Otherwise, humulog is an option, but the most important aspect of the use of slin is to get all the proper nutrients into your system so that it can be shuttled into your system.

I have used Humulin R prior to training and just had a carb force with me throughout my workout. I trained for 2 hours and another 1-2 later, I was fine. I just made sure I took a shake before training, had the carb force during with creatine and glutamine, and ate after.
the down side is that insulin will counter the natural GH. and GH peaks at night. So when u slin at night youll decrease cortisol but youll also lower natural GH.