slip on wet stair should i train quads ?


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yeah its embarrassing but i am debating if i possibly briused all the way in my tendons of my hip . theblack/blue/green bruises run from hip to knee and pain to the touch . its itching now and getting better but do you think a heavy squat day is a bad idea on my hip ?
do you think it will be easy to tear these hip tendons/ligamints that are definately briused i would guess .

nope didnt go to the doctor (no insurance) since i can walk , & would love to scan a pic but no scanner ! hell i even did a elbow smash on the wood stair and its probly fractured but i can still lift heavy just painfull to touch the spear end of elbow .

oh and i was sober , the stair was wet/in a hurry .
ready2explode said:
Give it a few days until the pain subsides
i decided to do a set of deadlifts last night . it made it slightly painfull again but now after sleeping all night it seems to be ok . ill give it another day off for 2 total since deads , and then hit the power rack and leg press .