Solvent Reports


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This may be useful for some chemists:

Synonyms - Dimethyl Ketone
Formula - CH3 CO CH3
B.P. - 56.5º C
Density - .792 g/ml

Klean Strip® Acetone
Purchased: 1 qt can
At: hardware store - paint section
Amount distilled: 500 ml
30-35° aprox 5 ml unable to identify
57° 485ml Acetone
last 10 ml evaporated. Left oily residue that smelled 'industrial' like compressor oil
Rating: GOOD - Should distill first

Zip-Strip Acetone
Purchased:1 Gal. Can
At: Sears Hardware Store - may be discontinued soon
Amount Distilled:800ml
Very Clean!! The cleanest I have tested so far. Of course your can could differ and you should distill anyway. Last 5 ml evaporated for residue check. Approx. last 1 ml was aromatic but evaporated. About 1 drop of oily residue was left.
Rating: VERY GOOD - Should distill first

Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Synonyms - MEK, 2-Butanone
Formula - CH3 CO C2H5
B.P. - 79.6º C
Density - .805 g/ml

Zip-Strip MEK
Purchased:1 Qt Can
At:Sears Hardware Store
Amount Distilled:1 Qt.
With about 50ml left, color started to get darker (brownish red). Temperature started to rise with about 10ml left. Water azeotrope boils lower so it was something else. Last 8ml evaporated. At 5ml it was almost all aromatic (Toluene?). Left about 5 drops oily reddish residue. Rating: Good - Must distill first

Petroleum Ether
Synonyms - Petroleum Spirits, Petroleum Distillates, Ligroine
Formula - N/A (Mixture of compounds)
B.P. 20-80º
Density - N/A

Ozark Trail® Camp Fuel
Purchased:1 Gal Can
At: Wal-Mart
Amount Distilled: 1500 ml
35° aprox 50 ml (probably n-Penatne)
69° aprox 1000 ml (probably n-Hexane)
74° aprox 200 ml
80-120° aprox 250 ml
Last 3-5 ml would not distill. Solidified to Vaseline like grease upon cooling
Rating: GOOD - Should distill first

Coleman® Lantern Fuel
Purchased:1 Gallon Can
At:Camping Store - $4.98
Amount Distilled:100ml
69° Aprox 10 ml Hexane - smelled perfumy
Rest was higher fractions
Left dark blue/green oil which solidified to Vaseline consistency on cooling
Rating: POOR - Do not use

Ronsonol® Lighter Fluid
Address:Woodbridge, NJ
Purchased:12 oz. bottle
At:Grocery Store - $3.69
Amount Distilled:-
Had a yellow tint - possibly from the bottle
115° First fraction started
Due to high b.p. I did not continue
Rating: POOR Due to high b.p. would be hard to evaporate to dryness

Klean Strip® V,M&P Naphtha
Purchased:1 Qt. Can
At:Hardware Store - Paint section
Amount Distilled:-
No fraction until 130º - Didn't bother
Rating: POOR Due to high b.p. would be hard to evaporate to dryness

Methyl Alcohol
Synonyms - Methanol, Wood Alcohol
Formula - CH3 OH
B.P. - 64.7º C
Density - .792 g/ml

HEET® Gas Line Antifreeze
Purchased:4 Pack of 12oz bottles
At:Walmart - $3.59
Amount Distilled:500 ml
Methyl Alcohol distilled over nicely
Last 10 ml evaporated left slightly oily residue
Rating: GOOD - Should distill first

Ethyl Alcohol
Synonyms - Ethanol, Grain Alcohol
Formula - CH3 CH2 OH
B.P. - 78.5º C (95% azeotrope - 78.2°)
Density - .789 g/ml

Everclear® Grain Alcohol
Purchased:750 ml
At:Liquor Store / mail order
Amount Distilled:N/A
Does not need to be distilled
Rating: Excelent - Use for tinctures

Klean Strip® Denatured Alcohol
Purchased:1 qt. Can
At:Hardware Store - Paint section
Amount Distilled:1 qt.
Distills over nicely
Left oily residue
Rating: GOOD - Should distill first ***DO NOT USE FOR TINCTURES - Must be fully evaporated from final product
You need lab equipment, but what you do is heat it up, let it evaporate but then collect the vapor and condense it into another container. The liquid you have in your container is not a much purer acetone.
i think you would be able to do it without lab equipment, like on of those home distillers for making your own beer you see in places, or just make your one, if its worht it to you
Ya you can, Ive done it many of times. It just helps to know exactly how they work and what they look like. All you need is like a beaker, a funnel, a tube and another beaker.

Take one beaker and put your solvent in it.

Attach the tube to the funnel. Place the funnel upside down on the solvent beaker and seal it up. It now looks like a rocket with like a hose sticking out of it lol.

Take the other end of the hose and stick it in your empty beaker.

Now heat up your solvent one. As it heats and eveaporates, it will transfer. Keep an eye on the temperature, it should stay withing 10 degrees of what your usings BP.
With acetone distillation try not to heat rapidly (more than 1 degree / 5 minutes). Also, do not use open flames for a source of heat but instead use an oil bath with a fine temperature control...unless, of course, you intended on redecorating the kitchen anyway. ;)

Just a newbiee question here but are there times when you need certain solvents and none of the others will do or is it all about preference and just what is available to you at the time. If it is just preference i think everclear is the way to go. Set me straight if im off track here, thanks