some particles

thanks for posting it! I can make out some particles in that second picture. I agree with you, I think it will be ok to use once you filter it. I'm just curious how those got in there! :eek: :confused: :mad:
It is hard to see anything in that pic. Maybe you should send it to me so I can do a better investigation house! ;)

Hey House,

Do you have any clouds on yours? I have some clouds that end up on the bottom and if I shake it up it turns the whole thing reddish, but when it settles in the bottom the whole thing turn yellowish adn the cloud that settles is red. LMK

ya ray same here bro. also white and red particles floating around. i filtered the particles out but still seems cloudy.
how did they get in there? you might want to draw with a smaller pin, 18g's tear up the stopper and pieces might fall in.
Big Moose said:
I put mine through a syringe filter and it became clear and golden

Im trying to filter out some EQ that is kinda cloudy but dont know how to do it. I ordered the filters already and shpuld be here in a couple of days ... can you fill me in on the filtering process( what kinda needle sizre and all) thanks.
tinyt, draw up what your going to filter into a syringe. put your filter on the syringe then put a 22 guage,18 guage, pin on the filter and push the stuff through bro.

as soon as you see the filter it will be pretty much self explainitory [sp]