Spot Injection questions. . .


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First spot id like to ask about is the upper chest, my problem spot. Would i be able to spot inject into my UPPER chest by any chance, hopin for localized growth from it?

If you are spot injecting for growth in that area, and doin Prop ED injections, how often can you hit that spacific spot?

If you are spot injecting into certain areas that have multiple heads (triceps, biceps etc) you are injecting into only one head. Does that mean the localized growth from the spot injection will only occur in that spacific head or the whole muscle group?

Last, where can i find some good reading information on theories of spot injecting? If you dont remember where you heard it, but know of some theories, please list them.

welli have done pec injects in the upper head last cycle and they helped although i never used prop i was using enathate twice weekley and deca twice weekly helped quite a isa easy inject to do less pain ful than quads imo

keep us posted in your results
I think the chest is almost too big of a muscle for spot injection growth. Alls i noticed was local soreness. Move the injection around, and you can hit it up to 4-5 times a week.
Not if you rotate around your chest. I did 5 injections a week in my bis, i just looked for a place without a vein, stuck it in, aspirated, and injected. No problem. Chest would be easily done 5 times a week, the outer corners, and then the middle of the pec.