Stanazlol Cycle ???


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Hi Guys...

Just a quick question a Stanazlol only cycle would there be any gains at all in muscle size/mass...Im a kickboxer/boxer 5'10 fairly toned ripped naturally and have been thinking of doing a cycle for the first time and have been considering..stanazlol..I do want to gain muscle but also want to keep or improve greatly my athletic/toned look......Any help.ideas guys..


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I am well known around here with the Mods and vets as a big tim Pro-ponent of Winstrol. Depending on your diet you can expect to gain solid koeepable gains. Its a derivative of Testosterone so sex drive should last as long as any Test cycle.
Ben Johnson won the Gold Medal with it then it seemed everyone worth a shit in boxing was getting popped for using it.
They don't give it to race horses for the hell of enhances performance.
Im all for it and think if you are experienced enough to juice, in your sport it would help you.
Since youre new Id say as little as 50 mgs EOD for 10-12 wks would pt a SOLID 8 lbs of muscle on you with nice strength gains. In the first 8 wks you will make some nice gains.




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Thanks for reply mate...Im not neceserally taking it for my sport i just want to gain muscle and looking foward to spending more time in the weights gym for the year as opposed to the boxing gym as im recovering from my third broken nose in past 6 months lol....I have heard that stanazlol is better taken with another steroid but as im new to is and its going to be my first cycle thats why i am thinking of a stanazlol only cycle but have heard varying reports on the gains.......


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Like Gator mentioned, Winstrol (winny) is a coveted drug in such sports as track and field and boxing for a reason.

I think it depends on how much muscle you wish to gain. The Winstrol (winny) would add nice, solid, although somewhat modest gains, without water retention. If you were to add even a small dose of test, you'd have the synergistic effects of an anabolic and an androgenic and greatly increase your chances of packing on a few more lbs. It depends on what you're after.