Starting PCT a week late. Need to change anything?


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So I ended up trapped in another country a little longer than expected, and only got back today. The day I was supposed to get back was the day I was supposed to start PCT, but now I'm 8 days late.
Is there anything I should change?
My cycle was 12 weeks test E at 250/250 with a Dbol kickstart at 40. I ran HCG from about the third week up until just before leaving the country (about a half week after last pin) and adex at around .25

Only sides were bigger muscles and a I got bacne at around week 11 (and still have it, despite washing twice a day with anti-bac soap) I haven't lost much of the weight I gained, and have been pretty much the same as usual emotionally.
Anyways, I have Clomid and Nolva. I also have a load of ZMA which I always take for the improved sleep and I guess it can't hurt. Does Tribulous help at all? I've heard mixed stuff about that.
Anyways..the main question is do I need to alter the dosage of the clomid and Nolva because of the late start

Oh, just a thought. Some of the nolva is generic Tamoxifen citrate in 20 mg tabs, some is in what were advertised as 10mg tabs, but they are twice the size. I'll check into that myself, but...does it really matter when I take them? I guess spreading the dose through the day as evenly as possible is always gonna be the best way to go, but who knows? Sometimes there are crazy exceptions you just never anticipated
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Ahhh, all good then. Though I'm a bit miffed about the dosages. The source I used just said I'd be getting Nolvadex in 10mg tabs. One batch was tabs that just say Nolvadex and have no other info, so I have to assume they sent the right ones, the other batch says tamoxifen citrate 20 on the packs. Now that 20 could refer to the tabs being 20mg, or to something else entirely. I wish these people would send the damn boxes, even if the just open them out so they can send a flat parcel