steroids on FIRE!!!


LOL so check this out...I posted a thread the other day about a problem I was having pushing my gear thru the needle, (basically like pushing a tennis ball through a hose.) Aboot gave me some advice to warm up my gear in the microwave for 3 to 5 seconds before I draw. So this morning I did that, I put my bottle of tren in the microwave and heated it for 5 seconds. Now im thinking in my head, well shit...I dont think anything will heat up in just 5 seconds. Well needless to say, I under estimated the power of the all mighty microwave. Put it in for 5 secs, pulled it out and didnt think it warmed up at all, so i put it in for 3 more seconds. LOL, as soon as I hit start on the microwave, this huge ass flame shot out of the top of the vile of Tren which lite up my whole microwave. LOL, i was like, oh shit and stopped it right away. I pulled it out, didnt see a thing wrong with it, drew and shot. LOL
heating pad is better bro..on a low heat ..easier to push through..alot easier.whats up man...
but that is some funny still laughing...its prob some terrorist roids..
ridiculous...heating it with a slower method is a much better idea. someone suggested a heating pad, good idea. thanks for the laugh!
What I like to do to heat up, and basically I never do it anyways but let's continue, is to put the vials/amps in a pot of water (filled about half the length of the vial) and slowly start heating it.
Aboot said:
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Yeah you owe the man a new microwave, bro :D
sean usmc said:
but that is some funny still laughing...its prob some terrorist roids..

Yeah...I can see it now...flames shooting out of his ass and everything.
yeah, the metal seal was exactly the problem...that things cant put aluminum in the microwave...LOL