Stomach problems please help!!


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Damn right when I get into a cycle something bad always has to happen. Now I have gotten this terrible stomach problem that wont let me eat as much as I should. Its like I want to gag after every bite, from the first to the last. I mean I could literally puke at any given moment. This sucks b/c it seems to be getting worse everyday. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have no variety in my diet. The cycle I am running consist of the following:

Week 1-8 testoviron's at 500mg
Week 1-4 BD anadrol at 100mg ed
Week 1-8 TT Winstrol (winny) at 30mg ed

This is by far the best cycle I have ever done for strength and size. Anyway back to the stomach thing, its just like someone punches me in the stomach after taking each bite. Anyone have any advise??
back off of the anadrol a little...i mean by far i am no expert, but it hurts my stomach to take a third of that ...