sub Q injection


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ive been shooting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) sub q for a while and just shoot it any where under the skin, but thats just because the pin doesnt go deep enough for IM. now that started to shoot gh i started with my love handles and then eventually will go to my upper thigh/hipp area. The below quote is from a gh thread on here and the way it intructs in a little confusing. does it matter what kinda fat i inject it into really? how do i make sure not to inject into the adipose tissue. ive done two injects so far, one is each love handle. I just squeezed the fat, not just the skin and stuck the slin pin in and pushed out the gh and then pulled the pin out after a sec or two and made sure there wasnt leakage of my presious gh.

just want a clearer explination on how not to inject into the adipose tissue and if it really makes a difference.

"You can site inject anywhere you can reach the subcutaneous layer. Pinch the flesh and pull back, then insert the needle in the "pocket" underneath. Doesn't absorb quick enough if you inject into the adipose tissue. Do not inject intra-muscular, though it can be done, it is not recommended. GH is a site injection, where it is shot is where it will burn the most noticeable fat. Most people do it in the stomach since that is a typical sub q shot with most of the fat being in that area.?


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Don't over-analyze it... just pinch the fat between your forefinger and thumb and inject straight in... it works just fine.. :)