Sust Eod??


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Ok guys I need some input.
Im getting really close to starting my cycle and just have to work out one more thing.

IM gonna be doing
Weeks 1-4 dbol @ 30mgs/day
Weeks 1-8 Sustanon (sust) @ 500mgs/week
Weeks 6-11 fina @75mgs/day
Weeks 1-11 armidex .5/day

With some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and clomid

But the question is should I inject 1cc Sustanon (sust) day one then .5cc eod for the first 2 weeks? I was thinking this would help utilize the prop.
Thanks for the input guys.
do one amp eod for one to two weeks, from then on your blood levels should be stable.