Sustanon and why you shouldnt use it by TIG


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Not all test was created equal. Test is Test is Test. As much as this is true we are speaking about raw test or de esterified test. We are not talking about ester bound test.

The purpose when injecting is to do so to keep blood plasma levels as stable and at peak for as long as possible, now we cannot do this with sustanon unless it is injected every other day. If I were to draw a graph on the time release of sustanon it would have Highs & Lows (Ups & Downs). Now the average newbie does not wish to inject on an every other day basis and he certainly doesnt wish to be using that much test for a first or second cycle either. In order to keep blood plasma levels stable and reach a peak as quickly as possible you would have to go about front loading. Again something that should not really be done with sustanon.

I have read sustanon causes less water retention, sustanon causes less chance of getting gyno and less sides overall. This is not true one bit.

250mgs of Sustanon (sust) or 250mgs of enanthate?

Enanthate contains more raw test than the mixture in sust.

Did I forget to mention the Sustanon (sust) flu? The long build up of this? The long duration it takes to leave the body due to the decanoate ester?

Now before I start writing a book on this I want a serious discussion with all you Sustanon (sust) lovers


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I agree 100%!

I'm not a Sustanon (sust) hater though... it has its place. Just needs to be cycled AT LEAST EOD if not ED... Learned that the hard way ;)



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Andy13 did the math and posted a graph showing that sustanon acts basically like a single ester test of a half-life of around 7 days...


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sustnon used to be my favorite a while back.. no pain and no fever.. but recently i am get a lot of after inj pains and and feverish and weak a coupleof days after teh shot.. so have stopped taking it.. swithched to i think is easier on hte body...


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so hey.. i am going to do a 500 supertest 300 mg. deca *mex* vets ofcourse...
would i just do..
Monday 250 supertest
tues 300 deca
wed. 250 supertest


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and he certainly doesnt wish to be using that much test for a first or second cycle either.

True but you don't have to shoot the whole amp with each inject.

One can pre-fill 3 syringes from one amp and do ED 0.33ml injects.


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Sos 4 me

I think its just the opposite. Sos is the best test, then cypionate and prop. Enanthate blows me up in the face. It does it to this other dude I know. Diff Strokes Diff Folks:3some: :69: :40oz: :basket: :bikini:


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used sus for a long time in almost every cycle ,
newbie and all back then ..
now anything over an amp and sus flu it is ..
how likes feeling sick for a dfay or two ..

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I have to agree with Trenbull, Sust gets my vote.....
I have had amazing results with Sust and dbol tabs. Not at a Comp level however...
The only reason I stopped using it is because of availability.


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Test is test. The only difference is the half life. A person only has to adjust the injection frequency accordingly to get the same results.

I don't doubt that someone may get better results from one ester of test but I feel that it has more to do with the brand of the test. Some manufacturers just don't produce a clean product. Its no wonder that some feel like crap after injecting.

Some brands also include more alcohol than others. I think many people confuse bad reactions to the alcohol with reactions to the test itself.

Also, the more frequent the injections, the more chance there is to have a sterility issue by not washing hands thoroughly, not cleansing the injection area properly, etc.


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i think it depends on how you cycle it. i usually do ED or at least EOD injections & take advantage of the prop & to keep blood levels more stable. i have never had sus flu. but i have only used it 3 times (omna/ jelfa). had good results


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I have been using sust for over 3 years now, started cycling with it to begin with and had amazing results. Only shot twice a week, with some Deca. I now use it for HRT at one shot a week and have an Excel program that someone wrote called PeeWee's Sustanon 250 cycle projection thingy. When i punch in weekly shots it says my leves flucuate from 284 to 324, don't think this is going to have much affect as the flucuation is so little. I have tried Enanthate, and really didn't get the same results, which of course makes no sense as test is test without the esters??? But the Enan definately make me hold more water and that I did not like.
Just my 2 cents


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trenbull said:
I think its just the opposite. Sos is the best test, then cypionate and prop. Enanthate blows me up in the face. It does it to this other dude I know. Diff Strokes Diff Folks:3some: :69: :40oz: :basket: :bikini:
Blows me up in the face as well. My dad can spot me on Enanth. or Cyp a mile away.

I got great results on Sost. inj. just once a wk for 8 wks stacked w/ Winstrol @ 50 mgs e/o/d(Upjohn)
It was one of my first cycles. Love Sost.(Organon redi-jects)
18lbs w/ size and cuts


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I've been saying sust is overrated for years...even 5 years ago or so when everyone swore it was the best test. I never understood the advantages for a bodybuilder to use sust when single ester tests are available.


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I use karachi sus.
inject 3 amps a week on a routine like this monday,wednesday and friday
never had any pain or a say that its a lie about sus not giving you as much water retention as cypionate or enathate,well you are wrong
sus dont give that much water retention.