sweatin' ammonia


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hey guys lately when i have been working out my sweat smells identical to ammonia. I heard this is from the body burning muscle tissue or ingested protein for energy instead of glucose? is that right? Doesn't quite make much sense to me as i tried loading up on the carbs even more lately ie: pancakes and fruit for breakfast (plus 80g protein shake) and then some pasta for lunch which is about 2 hours pre workout (i take another shake right before working out, as well). AND i still get the smell! i sweat alot, keep in mind and by the time my shirt is about halfeway drenched is when i really start to notice the smell.
could it just be too much protein in my diet?
It is usual in some guys.

It's not the excess protein, but due to a protein based diet.
And it may NOT be sign of muscle burning protein for energy.

there are some threads around about it!

Don't worry, but not much to do about it to change the smell.
I have used a ketosis diet for extended lengths of time and have had the same thing. I have read that it is common with high protien diets.
oh ok thanks guys i feel better now
i could care less about the smell.... i was just scared i was burning away muscle tissue or something stupid and needed to change my diet