switching lab's mid cycle?.........


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I can't see there being any problem with switching to different brand of gear either. Hopefully the brand you are switching to have the same potency as the ones you are using now.


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Now dont think since your gains are going to slow that the brand is bad. It is entirely dependant on your diet.


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I was thinking of switching from those same brands, but I'm afraid to go down to TJ now b/c last time I had to pay the federallis off $200 to not take me and my boy to jail and to let me keep the gear I had just bought. Fucking Federallis. We were only about 100yrds from the border when they stopped us,, should ran for it,, but they had guns. Its all good though,, at least they let us keep the stuff.


Frankly, I don't think you should switch labs unless you have to. Some are overdosed, some are underdosed, or imagine the second ug being bunk.
That being said, I have done it myself on occasion, when i decide to add an extra few weeks to the cycle and the previous ug wasn't in stock at the time.


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quality control can vary from UG lab to UG lab, but for the most part you should see similar results.