switching up


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age 36
heigh 5,9
weight was 235 32%bf current 190 t 16%

here is my question, i am trying to gain some lbm for a while to assit in getting rid of my last 10 pounds so current focus is on building muscle not fatloss.

i was thinking of adding creatine and glutamine, uping my protein intake , hi gi cards in my pwo shake,

and adding the following but not sure if its a waste, ZMA and tribulus do these do anything. any feedback on these 2 would be great

also will creatine cause subscantious water bloat or help in vasculrity i have read mixed reviews


Dont taze me, bro.
creatin is fine
glutamine is worthless
upping protein is fine depending on how much youre taking in already
high gi carbs are not necesary, but ok pwo
zma is worth a shot. worst case scenario, you get better sleep and some zinc, mag, and b6
tribulus is worthless

CEE will not cause water bloat