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is synovex h the same as finaplix h????? I wanted to make test enanthate or at least try my luck at it but wasn't sure if the finaplix h or synovex h are the same thing. It calls for synovex h. any of you guyys made this stuff into a powder, what the hell did you do with it afterwards???

I am going to try to make a fina batch but I ran into this site that shows how to make Test Enant. from synove h??? What do you guys know about this??

You guys ever make "white fina" how if you have did you do that??

All this stuff about homemade juice is VERY interesting to me and I would like some good input from you experts out there cause this nubie at this stuff doesn't want to screw up.

Thanks fellas

Depending on what kit you get, you will either get Test No Ester (basically Test Suspension in oil) or Test Prop. Sorry no Test Ethanate. Synovex H is test propionate + estrodial. The kits remove the Estrodial leaving you with pure Test or Test Propionate, once again depending on the kit.
Synovex-h is test prop with estradiol(estrogyn). Finaplix-h is trenbalone. You can get a kit to extract the test from synovex. Most kits will strip the ester off of the test and the estradiol leaving you with test no ester. For fina you can get a kit that will separate the binders from the tren. If you search the site you should be able to find plenty of threads about these topics. Grafix-Gnc just posted a thread about making white fina that is very informative.
Test No Ester, is a oild based suspension, well its not really suspension since its not in water, but it acts much like water based suspension, except, it probaly has a longer half-life by 4 hours or so.
ONce you strip the estradiol form the synovex, what can you do from there?? I say some pics and the stuff looks flakey white, I guess that was what it was. Anyhow, you guys got any tips for once you strip the etrsogyn fro the Test Prop.????? THe FIna is pretty much a done deal as far as a complete product but the synovex kit (S-Kit I guess they call it) is a different stroy. Hope you guys can help me on this one. Thanks
So the test with no ester in it is still ok to use? Inject EOD? This is the only thread I have found that sort of explains the difference with converting synovex. If done right it keeps prop if not then its just pure test right? My question, is it ok to still use if PROP is striped from it?