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insulin and test:

have you guys every tried it with cyp. or enth. if so please tell me of your gains and results from you cycle?????

i was going to try slin by itself for right now but i wondering my last cycle was of 1000mgs of sus by itself will i have to take the same dosages when i ran slin with it or do i need to go lower on the dosages or higher please help me with this???? :confused:
I tried it once as part of a cycle and didnt see much in the way of extra gains, but I'm going to give it a go again in a week. It does seem to help me hold mass when bridging though
Pre workout slin=Bad idea. By 1/2 to 3/4 the way thru the workout, your muscles are trying to store available carbs as glycogen, thus low energy levels, low intensity at the end. Not to mention even more chance of hypo. That is probaly why you got minimal results NS.
I was just abot to say what Roadhouse just did. Im no expert but from what I have read simply staying with post workout is the best idea.
Alls preworkout insulin does is give you a good pump, which does not mean muscle growth. I can get a better pump doing 25 reps of 135 on the bar than I can doing 245 8 times, but what is going to grow muscle better? Alls a pump is, is an influx of blood and lactic acid to a muscle region, this does nto neccasari;y mean growth at all.
I don't know alot about slin, but I have been learning. I don't understand why one would want to take slin before a workout. I understand it will give you a good pump, but I wouldn't want to start going hypo halfway through a workout.

Does anyone do slin preworkout here and like it?
I plan on taking at least a year off from gear...however I plan on using slin soon....probably within a month.
I have never taken it pre-workout before, so that wasnt it. My pre-workout meal and shake is over 2 hours before my workout, so I cant see it negatively affecting my workout
almighty, if you run slin alone take in creatine and glutamine along with it. i know some guys getting alot out of that setup

i will be running that as my post cycle setup
house1 said:
almighty, if you run slin alone take in creatine and glutamine along with it. i know some guys getting alot out of that setup

i will be running that as my post cycle setup

Yeah, most definately my son.
anybody else had good result with test and slin because was the first day of slin by it self so i still alive that has been about 9 hours ago pumps a great and i did use 10grams of glutamine and creatine too and protein out my ass and 10grams of carbs a i.u. i hope to make good gains but i steal woudering if yall have any good result with test and insulin together please comment on this post
i need to know my last cycle was 1000mgs of test this will be my 3rd cycle with that same dosage would i have to up the test to 1250 and then throw in the slin or stay with the same dosage of test and add the slin remeber this is the first time using the slin
why so much test bro. overkill imo exspeacially this being just your third cycle. drop the test down to 500 and add 400 aweek of EQ bro. is it that you are not gaining size? how is your diet? work ethic in the gym? getting enough sleep? etc, etc .

also bro if your unsure of the slin use dont fuck with it till you do more research on it. not trying to be an asshole just looking out bro
thank you for you reply this will be my 5-6 cycle when i used sus i did not gain not really shit but when i did enth and cyp i go good gains so i was just wouldering will insulin make the gain better just like my first cycle
and yes i did start out on the wrong dosage got the wrong advise it was coming from my supplier and yes he was trying to make more money out of me but he was the only person i know that has done steroids before that is why i ended up with that dosages 1000mgs so now if i was going to a cycle test and slin will i have to use the same dosages on my last cycle or stay with the same dosages or even go lower i have done 3 cycle on 1000mgs so is my resceptos fuck up now or can i go back to my same dosages and add slin to it and make good gain and keep most of my gains have you every done slin and test together if yes what kind of gains did you get compared to your other cycles or have you done slin by itself and made good gains??????????
i got solid gains using slin post cycle. i am running enanthate and EQ.

how long between cycles bro. if you waited long enough between cycles i see no problem running less dosage on the test remember bro more is not always better.

i will be adding slin back in shortley. i run 4 weeks on 4 off. you will get solid gains. add creatine and glutamine to your post slin shake
The pre-workout slin could be a good thing if you have carbs during the work out. A few iu's (1-3) would be good enough. It will give you a good pump, and will also deliver more glucose to the muscles for energy, so you could get better work outs. But going 10 iu could be problematic for energy unless you consume high amounts of carbs during the work out. Either way have them handy incase your blood sugar drops to much.
house 1 when you did your post cycle how much more strenght did you gain and weight did you gain??????

and can i just do insulin for a cycle an nothing else if i do the cycle right i just taking this from lawnsaver interview when the bodybuilder said that you can gain alot from insulin alone this is the thing guys i do not compete i just try to get bigger for myself so if it take insulin for about a year 4on and 4off weeks can i see good results over a year of doing insulin remeber i just won't a slow gains but when i come off of slin i will keep all my gain so can i become big off of slin by itself over a period of time i would rather see 4- 5pounds a month but the gains just keep coming do yall understand what i am talking about i just a kind of guy that i like slow progress