Test cream?


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I was talking to a buddy last night.He mentioned he was looking for some kind of "testosterone cream"Thats rubbed onto the body on daily basis and supposedly works well?????Anybody ever heard of this?
There's a new one called Testim which is supposed to be better then androgel.
I've also heard of compounding pharmacies in the US that will make up their own test for you...
Androgel is prescription test gel made by a large Pharm company. Any compounding pharmacy can make up any strength, in any vehicle (carrier) that the doc wants: cream, PLO gel, alcohol based gel, etc. There are some designed to be applied to the body, some for penis and scrotum, some (in lower strengths) for the woman's clitoris and/or vagina. These have been available for years. Only the marketing muscle of the large corporations brought Androgel and Androderm patches into the public awareness. Free interprise at its best (worst?)