test/deca question


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hey bros, im new to the forum and have a couple questions. I bought some test online and I think its completely fake because I cant feel any preservatives in the shot. every other tme ive injected aas, ive felt some kind of swelling. I finished my first vial of real test enth , 600mgs pw, a week before I started taking this bunk stuff, I ordered enth and they sent cyp, no big deal. ive injected about 2 grams test in almost 2.5 weeks of having it and have not grown at all. I am also taking deca at 300 mg pw. so, its been bout 3-3.5 weeks since my last test e shot, libido feels the same, strength feels the same, just stopped growing. I know I cant ask on here if a source is g2g or not, but hoping you bros can help me spot this fake. my questions are: should I be experiencing deca dick at all by now even with the prami,.25mgs ed, I started a 3 days ago? (forgot to mention) is it at all normal to have little or no amount benzyl alcohol in the aas to the point where it doesn't feel like you've injected anything? is there less of a chance of getting fake gear if I ordered Canadian domestic? I think its completely useless and not even underdosed cuz if it was underdosed, then it would still be illegal which I think most of these scammers are trying to keep away from, oh and the label is on crooked. I knew I should have joined this forum and found a solid source before, but I "needed" it right away so I tried to find the most legitimate looking company I could find and now im stuck injecting this pure Unico. any input on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot guys.