Test suspension is painful? Ha!


Certified MD.
Never done suspension before. Thought I'd check it out, so I got some pharm grade, 100/ml. Goes nicely through a 25g pin.
I've always heard this is the worst on pain, and I'm pretty sensitive to painful gear (read, "wuss").
This is nothing. Deltoid injections, minimal soreness the next day, NOTHING compared to 50 of winny!
What's your experience w/ test suspension?
(BTW, in the gym today? Grrrrrr!!!)
hey bro,
i have tried suspension about 10 times....lol
and every time i swear i'll never do it again!
leaves me with knots,pain,hot spots....(read..i'm a wuss too)

however..there is nothing like training when your on suspesion in my opinion....i love tren,and test prop....but for purely feeling like a freak in the gym, suspension got the job done for me!
good luck, and god bess
Buff who makes pharmacy grade suspension availible in America?

Maybe that's why it was virtually painless? Very clean
never had any probs with susp. althought sustenon "questionable" gave me the red hots,,, for 4 days. I thought it was the prop... ????
hah, told my dad about new encapsulated gh,,, he is interested to say the least. anybody got any new info on this???
Depends on the brand. Jurox and Denkall hurt like a mofo, good old Spectra.....not at all.