Testosterone deca durabolin and dianabol cycle


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Right ! Lol
Hey what do you think is best rep/set range on squats for mass

Truth be told, my lower back and to some extent knee's hate squats(and deadlifts lol). So i'm not the best person to ask lol.

Regardless of exercise or muscle, my body responds the best to pyramids in various forms. Be it weight or reps.
High reps, low reps, low reps, high reps with high intensity and short rest is probably my favorite and what i respond best to.
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I've been doing two warm up sets on squats then pyramid up for 3 sets and down to warmup weigh. Then additional 1 set at warmup weigh for as many as I can then over to leg press. Stay at one weight for 5 sets of 14
Hack squats for 5 sets of 12
Legs curls 5 sets of 15 and leg extensions 5 sets of 15.

Lunges hurt knees. Is there other exercises I should add to improve leg development?

On back days I do straight leg deadlifts and traditional deadlifts to.make up for some hamstring.


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Lunges hurt knees. Is there other exercises I should add to improve leg development?

Me too hate lunges(my balance is out of whack right leg) but they are awesome exercise, should not skip it :p
I use these "old man blue thingys" over knee's on leg day, I also take the step slightly to the outer side (not a lot, just tiny bit) and it helps the knee pressure (also you can avoid touching knee and focus more on 90degree).


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