Texas Pharm.


Anyone try some of these products from Texas Pharm??? I saw the pics of some of the gear in the pic forum, looks pretty impressive. Is it a US or a Canadian UG Lab???
its a canadian UGL

i want to know more about theyre products also. just the name sounds cool. sounds like quality!:)

AustinTX said:
Well, I would hope it was a Texas UGL.

Oh yeah, and have same day delivery, LOL :)

The thread in the anabolic pictures forum says they're a Canadian underground lab, oh well...
i think theyre

brand new soi would say noone really has any experience with them yet, but who knows, maybe

after seeing the pic.s and accompanying info. i 4 one would love to guinea pig.i wish there were decent u.g.'s here.unless i just haven't searched hard enough.
i have used there enth and deca and they are very good the shots were a little painful but they revamped there product and now has less BA shots are alot less painful they come in 15ml/250mg and they are a ug canadian lab if anyone needs more info pm me.
needsize said:
never heard of them, and I thought I knew all the canadian underground labs
the game changes fast doesnt it , one day a guy is golden the next day scammer , and new labs are popping up and disapearing all the time
needsize said:
never heard of them, and I thought I knew all the canadian underground labs

Shit, if you have not heard about them then I'm not sure if I want to try them because I know you usually have the news on the good Canadian UG Labs! ;)
i assure you that texas pharm is a legit ug lab you probably have not heard of it because its a fairly new lab being made out of the maritimes and i assure you there product is good been using it for awhile now and very satisfied no problems.
I have also used their test and deca, works very well, no complaints form me or any of the numerous locals that have been using it as well.