The 5x5 routine

I've been wanting to change my routine up and this sounds like a good one. I'm going to start it this week. Thanks!
I'm sorry but I do not understand the 5x5 routine.

I only see a sample Chest of what the OP posted. Do you just pick your own workouts for each body part as long as you follow the 5x5 reps and sets and go up each week?
Also should the majority of the workouts be 5x5 because I see 8-10 reps on the OP post
did a 5x5 session of chest and back today. 3 exercises per part, I was in and out of the place in about 35minutes. That seemed WAY too fast, though I'll admit I was pretty pumped even though I started a little lighter that necessary in order to meet the strict intent of the OP.

Perhaps as the weight increases I'll need more recovery time between sets, but is this the common experience- 5x5 gets results without lounging around the gym trying not to get caught eyeballing people in the mirror?
The strength gains I've made on this program are incredible. What you can do when you plateau on 5x5, switch to 3x5reps and you'll be able to keep adding weight. When you plateau on that, try 5x3reps, and you'll keep going up, then when you go back to your old plateau it'll be a joke
I love this routine

Great suggestion! I've have great results with a 5 x 5 routine especially for chest. I'll have to try the 5 x 3 and the 3 x 5.
Thanks man! I was searching for a new routine and found yours! It seems to be really effective, good job and thanks again! :)
the 5x5 saved me, literally! I was going through a divorce and had 15.00 a week for gas, so i had to limit my driving, since im a fuddy duddy, it took some thinking and i stumbled onto this wonderful program!
Sounds kind of ridiculous, so naturally I might have to try it haha btw this is a crazy old post, but good stuff stays relevant I guess. No point in reinventing the wheel.
It’s a great routine, I also follow this type of routine 5x5. You know the 5x5 schedule is very effective and good to go. The 5x5 program is perfect for beginners.