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As per my conversation with a mod here I am now posting the edited version of my previous thread.

Mod Team I hope you guys discuss this ASAP, because you know the severity of the situation and I am hopeful that you will allow me to post ALL info.

*****************EDITED VERSION*****************


I am giving you 48hrs to contact me, so we can resolve this situations at hand like grown men. Since you are a scammer, I dont expect to hear from you, but I am giving you this one last chance.

I tried to find you myself so we could settle this without problems, but you decided to run and hide. I have sat infront of this computer and on the phone for the last 3 weeks day and night gathering info on you and well I will say that you are good, because everything leads to dead ends. I had people go to World Gym in Paramus, NJ and low and behold you left town, and to my surprise it wasnt recently, it was a while ago, a long while ago, which makes believe you have done this before. I know you are a big time guy and you have MANY names and many occupations on these boards, etc, but frankly I dont care anymore because I lost over $10,000 to you. I DO NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY, as I am doing manual labor and putting myself threw college. I will get you back at you in one of two ways:
a) Resolving this like men
b) Visiting your ass in jail after I prosecute you to the fullest extent, for False Identification, Misrepresentation, some online identity and "scam" law lingo....oh and finally for your Research Chemical Suppling.

You have everything on your plate and your actions will be the determining factor of the situation at hand. I hope you make the right decision.

So, if anyone else has ANY information that will lead to this situation at hand being resolved without the FBI and a team of prosecutors interveining you can email me at Please note that EVERYTHING you say will be confidential and greatly appreciated.....I also will be giving $ to anyone who helps me get mine and some other peoples as well. If you want to help, but you want to stay annonymous you can use an anonymous remailer, such as:

Lets make the right decision a man for once and do the right thing.

Well for one he has scammed me on the MassUniversity website by not paying me thousands of $ that he owed me for the designs (not by me), lisences, as well as maintainence and sever costs.

He first promised to pay me back, he then promised me ownership of NonConsumables in return for the money. Since then he has domestically scammed people by means of the domestic source name Diesel Labs and possibly 2 other names that I am not going to say because I am not 100% sure he was them.
I see.
I saw your post at FitnessGeared also.
Scammed for $10,000? Sorry to hear about your loss bro.
Hopefully you get your cash back.
i never liked the guy, tried to get me to mod his board many times. he will get whats comming to him bro.
thats sucks, im have no idea how any of this works but i know that nuts that u found out where he lived and went there lol. 10 grand is a lot i get depressed when i get a 50$ parking ticket.
If you don't post the names he goes by, how are we to make sure we don't have dealings with him, or haven't had any recent dealings with him?
There are other sites that have the unedited version. The source name he went by was not one too many would recognise nor had dealings with....

I was a MOD at that board and can vouch 100% for ALL that WEBBY is professing here. I know FIRST HAND exactly what Webby is talking about.

TheAnswer fucked over his own MODS and members in additon to his partner in the MassUniversity business (WEBBY). What a classless LOSER!!! I stand behind WEBBY 100% here as he's a good bro caught up in an unfair and UGLY situation.

GOOD luck Webby......I wish for 2 things here bro:
1) You get your hard-earned money back
2) TA gets his!!! :mad:
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Shit paramus is awfully close to me, and i know some people over thier. is this where that dude is from, or just where he has been residing.