The Massive Freak World Harris - amateur bber


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I've got a bunch of pics to put up of this guy. Before I get started I'll address the obvious questoins first since I encounter them each time I see a thread on this guy.

-"NO" the pics are not photoshopped.

-"NO" he does not use Synthol.

World is a friend of mine and I've discussed his views on Synthol extensively and he despises it. He can also point out each person that has done it and where.

Also, I realize it's easy to believe some of the pics are photoshopped but I'll tell ya, this guy is bigger than most pros. I was at the San Francisco Grand Prix pro show a few years back and he was bigger than a lot of pros including Milos, Dennis James, Shawn Ray, etc.

He stands next to Cutler and there's not much of a difference at all.