The Steroidology Store -- Weekly Monday Special


Steelers = SuperBowl
Most Monday's Tx and I are going to make Specials available to you Steroidology Members and Guests at our store,

This Monday's Special is simple really. All orders over $70.00 USD receive free shipping.

US customers simply enter this coupon code: 100

Canadian customers simply enter this coupon code: 200

*You will find the area to enter the coupon code on the checkout page, just scroll down and you will see it*

Try and have a good Monday everyone.

Biggie & Tx.
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Thanks Smack.

An FYI, we're just changing the color scheme for the Store right now to match that of Steroidology. Hence the reason why you wont see our DCN logo at the top left like you used to. It will be back up tonight or tomorrow morning.
Hey Biggs, Just tried to order a couple of Weight Gain Powders and entered the "100" coupon code on the shopping cart screen and got this following error:

Direct Connect Nutrition :: Bad coupon code ::

You have entered an incorrect coupon code !
This coupon does not exist, has been disabled or has expired.

Please contact administrator and report the error(s). Go Back

Also I did not see a place to enter the coupon code on the Checkout screen.
Smack, the place that you found where to enter the coupon code is the only place you can enter the code. So basically you found the right plcae to enter it.

I have gone in and fixed the problem. I had it so that the coupon expired at noon today for some strange reason. My fault.

It should work now though. Enter 100 again on the coupon code area and you will receive free shipping.
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Done, thank you much!

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