This scared the shit out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was injecting into my shoulder, no problems everything went like normal. I almost freaked when I pulled out the pin though. North to South from the top of my delt to the bottom I had an indentation. it was like a line, but definitely indented, like something collapsed. It has since gone away a little, but I can still see it. What the hell did I do????????????

The only thing I can think of is that your shoulder is defective. :p

I can't even get a mental picture of what you just described in my head.
sounds like a small muscle cramp... try flexing your shoulder in different positions and see if you get a striation like you described.

Well its still there. Picture the letter U. but lets say the base of the u is the indentation, it is less pronounced than a letter U ( less deep) but overall its the same only......"Hold on I will measure it" ........ok its 4& 1/4 inches long.....And no when I try to flex it does not make it more pronounced nor less. On the shoulder I did'nt hit today I cant flex in any way shape or form to get that deep of a striation.....I guess I will chalk it up as a learning experience........Maybe it was a cramp or a bad spasm??????????????????????????//
I always enjoy watching blood squirt out of my leg or glute, imagine a water pistol, that is what it looks like, this happens on occasion, just funny to me others freak dogs are usually in a mad dash to lick it up...even my gf laughs..."You fucked up again." is what she says...oh well...
I have to agree with Tx. Your shoulder is defective. You may have a product liability claim against your parents and God, and may be entitled to recover substantial punitive damages. Call 1-800-SHYSTER for a free consultation.

Seriously, I can't picture it either. Can you post a pic?
Any discoloration? Although I highly doubt cuz you'd know by now but first thought was a collapsed vein. Probably more along the lines of a muscle cramp. I'm down with the pic idea, always like to see new freaky sh$t. Also, try Trevdog's idea LOL!
Well I called 1-800-Shyster and they told me I'm screwed. I gotta say I am relieved, last night I decided to go to the gym and hit shoulders hard after the second set of Military presses I felt like there was muscle twitch happening, I looked at it in the mirror, and it was it was going crazy fast. after 30 seconds of twithching and a good stretch it was almost totally normal again. This morning it was completely gone. I wish I could have gotten a pic of it to show the docs on the board , it would be nice to know what the hell it was. I am guessing at this point a muscle cramp?????? Thanks for the support....R
sounds kinda like you deflated that section for a bit! Keep drinking the magic juice bro! lol :40oz:
Yeh next time I will call a priest before I hit the gym. Or keep a bottle of holy water around. I feel like a douche because I could'nt explain it well but, If it happens again I will be sure to take a pic.....Although I cant say that I really want it to happen again..No offense!!!...
I hit a vessel one time I think. I have never seen nothing like it before in the past. I had the biggest right deltoid "side" I had ever seen. lol
I don't mean to make light of it too much, I know it wasn't funny at all when it happened, I think you know we aren't making fun of you.

I've had several bad shots that have stayed sore and swollen for much longer than I though they should, and it has always been a big relief when everything turned out ok. Its easy to start thinking "Oh shit, I've got a fucking abcess, I can't wait to get operated on."
"Yeh I gotta say you totally hurt my feelings Trevdog". JUST KIDDING!!!! I know you were just kidding. Its just freakin weird.. It has actually done me some good to laugh about it a little........I actually started thinking of what I was gonna tell people when they saw it..... "Well....Uh?...I....Uh?.....was leaning against a corner, and UH?.......thank god its gone I dont have to worry about that any more............Thanks bros.......
Probably severed a nerve ,it will be alright in time . But you gotta admit it,it was funny.. maybe not when it happened but you will laugh at it someday. Maybe I'm sick, but I can't stop laughing.
It is totally funny now....Now is the key word..Then .......ummm?.....not to damn funny!!!!.
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My last cycle I shot some qv prop into my shoulder (I know, bad idea but never bothered me anywhere else but wanted better absorption since it was shoulder day). To say that it hurt like hell is an understatement. Anyway, about two months later I ended up with a bump at that same place which ended up being a hematoma. Orthapedic surgeon said it was from a minor muscle tear, but hed never seen one in the belly of the delt before. Had it drained 6 months ago, and ever since I have been left with what looks like a deep striation. Won't be trying that in the other shoulder though