This thread is for Juice Authority


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I started this thread on elitefitness, which I ment to start here. I just took my nightly dose of amiltryptlyin and xanax so please excuse spellng errors amoung others.

When I first started to notice Juice Authority about 4 months ago on elite, we seemed to have some very different views and opinions on different matters. I will have to admit that I called him many bad names and suggested that he take his post elsewhere. I felt like he contributed nothing to the boards except for controverly and trouble. I have since noticed a total change in the guy that went from bad to good. Or should I say great. Juice has taken the time to educate himself on many different aspects of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use. I know consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable bros on several boards, (Real-a esp)

Juice did his homework and has become part of a tight nit community that we must rely on in order to stay on top of new happenings in our world. Much karma to you Juice!!! Keep up the good work.

BTW- I felt this way before we had our little convo about the sleeping meds and winny.
Thanks Bro. I was kind of a prick in my formative days over at Elite.
BigDelt69...This is very big of you to say about someone that you didn't like in the beginning. I give you credit bro...

BTW...What are your clomid dosages right now?...J/K lol