This weeks Muscle Research Thursday Sale...probiotics, TUDCA, and more!!!


Beast ***e!!!
Muscle Research Thursday Sale!!!

Another great sale of products for everyone!!! Eupepsia Probiotic is an advanced formula that combines the benefits of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics into one product on sale for $49.99 ($20 OFF), Forged Methyl EAA at $59.99 ($30 OFF), TUDCA for $29.99, and other staple supplements!!!

Check out this video about Forged Methyl EAA...

And don't forget...ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Monday Bump Day!!!

Was just talking to my wife about probiotic and how she needs to be more diligent about taking them daily to help with her bloating she gets from eating all the protein she needs to consume, it really does make a difference!!! Also TUDCA which we both take being competitors, and other wellness supps we need to take for staying healthy during competition prep.

Get in on the sale this week, we try to think of your health as well as your pocketbook with our weekly sales!!!
Another great sale this week guys, dig in! we got tudca.. a staple for all serious oral cycles on sale again and forged joint support which i love on sale also.Its a great item to use at all times for us older guys actually.