This weeks Thursday Sale 3/19/15...Forged 1G Stim and more!!!


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This weeks Thursday Sale spotlights some great products like Forged 1G Stim...$14 OFF, Premium Powders GABA and Caffeine, HPN Niagen, and NLA Her Whey, great products...great savings!


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A great week of sales here every thing looks good really hard to pick a favorite what has me curious this week is the Niagen N(r) a load of benefits with this one and no banned substances so you can use it freely to up your game I also like stim 1g as you only need to use a little bit of it but gives you a lot in return. Baba is also relaxing great for sleep. Caffeine is awesome we all know that especially us coffee drinkers*and her whey is really a solid protein and geared towards the ladies.


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As always, here are my thoughts on this week’s sale items:

Transform Forged 1G Stim ($14 off):

Well, those who know me know that I’ve been using Pump Juice Extreme ever since it was released and haven’t stopped (the profile is too good). That said, I’d had a tub of 1G Stim hanging out for a while and I just needed a good pick-me-up one evening before we headed to a friend’s for his son’s birthday party. It had been a long day and I hadn’t had any caffeine yet. I could’ve just popped a caffeine cap, but figured I’d give this a whirl after hearing everyone talking about the energy from it. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. Now I don’t feel stims quite like I used to, nor how I’m sure all of you feel them, so others will talk about this far differently than I do. But I found it to give plenty of sufficient energy. You know I’m not a fan of prop. blends, so the fact that this is set up with 2 matrices (one for pump and one for energy) doesn’t make me thrilled, but I have known this company for a while and don’t have any reason to distrust them. You’ve got beta alanine, sodium nitrate, grape seed extract, and GMS all in the pump matrix (but it’s only 2.5g, with BA listed as the first item, so I wouldn’t expect too much of the others). So one way or another, it’s probably a little lower-dosed somewhere in there. On the energy matrix (347mg) you’re getting caffeine first and a handful of other ingredients that should definitely give you a kick. If it weren’t for the energy matrix, I’d definitely recommend this at a double dose if you’re using it for a lifting session, but I don’t know just how much caffeine is in there and since it could be close to the 300mg mark, I wouldn’t risk doubling down. Now, for my use (energy pick-up and now pre-basketball), it’s great at 1 scoop. So depending on what you’re using it for (I’d guess it’s solid for MMA training and such, too), 1 scoop does the trick and you’re getting 40 servings for $26 with this sale. Definitely worth picking up if you haven’t yet – especially at this price, since it’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it (that I can recall).

Premium Powders GABA ($10 off):

Great price on a bulk product to help with mood, relaxation, reduction of anxiety, and improved sleep. In addition, this qualifies for the $5 addition of a flavor tub, which you may not need for this, but is great for making your own pre or intra products. Great staple product to have around. I used this for a couple months back in the Winter when my sleep was lacking a bit. I don’t particularly suffer from sleeping problems, but this stuff knocked me out and when I was out for the night, I wasn’t up til morning and definitely felt a deeper sleep.

Premium Powders Caffeine ($6 off):

120 caps of 200mg caffeine for under $10 shipped to your door. That’s a great deal right there. I have a little travel cooler that I use for roadtrips and work trips. I actually keep a bottle of this in the zipper pouch of it. It has come in super handy when I’m driving on hour number 9 and ready to pass out. Obviously you know the benefits of caffeine. So whether you’re looking to add this to an ECA stack and cut up for cheap or just trying to get some extra energy, this will beat out Mountain Dew every single time (and be substantially cheaper).

NLA Her Whey ($4 off):

The label on this one can be a little misleading. It’s set up like several other MRP type proteins with 2 scoops = 1 serving. So it says 18 servings per tub, but it’s actually 36 scoops. Each scoop is at 14g protein, so I’d consider 1-3 scoops depending on body type, workout intensity/frequency, etc. You’ve got only 1g net carb (per 2 scoops) and no sugar. The fat is coming from a complex that adds in sunflower oil, MCT’s and some others with beneficial properties and it comes in a vanilla or chocolate flavor. If you’re a female and looking for a protein designed specifically for women (or a guy looking for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc.), it’s worth a pick up and try on sale (considering it’s shipped to your door for free). For some, it may make just as much sense to grab Yo-Whey or the Essential Blend protein, but especially for someone who is dieting or just getting into adding additional protein into her diet, this looks like a great starter. I haven’t tried it, but I’m guessing the flavoring is on point, because I did try a sample pack of the Uplift for her preworkout (raspberry lemonade) and it was fantastic.

HPN Niagen N(R) ($8 off):

Okay, well I know I’ve written about this one before but rifled through my documents and can’t find my write-up for the life of me. This is a product I haven’t taken, but it’s certainly intriguing. You’re looking at one ingredient that will increase the level of NAD+ in cells and that allows for brain health, muscle endurance, and anti-aging properties. If you’re someone who plays semipro football, collegiate sports, fights MMA, or anything related, this would be worth picking up and giving a try. If you haven’t looked at HPN’s official write-up for this, I suggest taking the time to do that because some of the referenced charts and graphics are pretty interesting.



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Great sale guys and gals, also please be on the lookout for another logging opportunity...yes, we are looking for a few good men to log the NEW Beastdrol v3!!!

Thursday Sales, logging opportunities with new products...who loves ya baby!!!