Those Somaject kits


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What ended up being the deal with this GH? First everyone said good, then some said bad, then lab results were shown on some boards and now I hear nothing about them. Whats the final word or something clsoe to that? Are they still as available as they were when they first hit the market?:confused:
I heard they were shit, the ones that did not look like powder or stuck to bottle.
Sources got rid of them pretty quick and cheap I know.
using and liking, but will NEVER use or refer the source that i got the soma from to anyone... VERY unprofessional. the only good thing that i have to say is that i did receive my kit, EVENTUALLY and after much pain in the ass
I've been using it for three months and I think it was a big waste of money personally. It's comparable to Serostim but cheaper. Personally I think Serostim is better. The best I've used is Humatrope but that costs big bucks! Even at a Vet store in TJ Humatrope goes for $45 for 4IU's - no quantity discount either.

My source for the Soma's is good and the product is legit and I got my packages in a timely manner. I've heard some people paying as low as $450 per kit and I've heard other people paying as high as $700. The price I paid for my kits was average - $550 per kit.