time activity slin chart for diff types of slin

i shoot my log IM, i always wondered if this effected peak and clearance time, i think it does, but i have no proof
IM muscular injections of fast acting water based products such as GH, Slin, Vit B-12, etc have an absorbtion rate of 57% verses Sub-Q which is 69%.

That would conclude IM would take longer to be fully absorbed, which would change the shape of the peak by lowering and extending it.

I read that in my PDR last night. Thought Id share. I would have suspected IM to be absorbed faster than SubQ.
thats odd, i used to shoot humalin r im when i couldnt get log cause it seemed to kick in faster and be out of my system faster. i also started doing the same with humalog and noticed the same thing. maybee it was all in my head. by this logic then wouldnt it would seem that subq would work for water based test suspension and winstrol, although i highly doubt this too be effective.
Please be aware, these charts show how long the slin is in your system, but it should be your guide to know when the levels are low enough for you to be "out of the woods"

4hrs for Hum-R
2.5hrs fro Humlolog