Too late for a BodyBuilding show?


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Occasionally I've been asked at the gym if I compete in contests. When I say no, they say I should. I'm 37 and have considered maybe competing in a local contest or holding off til I hit 40 and qualify for a "masters division". If any of you compete how old were you? Is 40 to late to give it a try? Alot of you 20 year olds are in the prime where I feel like im on the otherside of the hill, competitivly speaking.

I am not so interested in placing high but for having a goal that will encourage me to drive my training harder, and keep me focused on a competitive diet for a while.

But, secretly, I don't want to make an ass out of myself either.

Any thoughts from the experienced
I would say go for it. It is too late in the aspect of making it pro or anything. However it is never to late just to compete for you own self pride. I would go for it, at least to say you have done it.

And in the masters you may do very well...
I trained a guy in his fifties last year for his first show! Age is but a number my friend, go for it!!!
andezzz999 said:
Maybe I should hire you Fyre to get me contest ready?

You just let me know if I can give u a hand.
Getting on stage requires a great deal of dedication and hard work and I commend anyone who does it. Again, please let me know if u need any help at all.
Go for it.

Don't wait until you're 40, check into some of the local shows in your area and find a couple to enter, just for the experience of being on stage.