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<h1>TOPOSAR </h1><p>TOPOSAR (etoposide injection, USP) (also commonly known as VP-16) is a semisynthetic derivative of
podophyllotoxin used in the treatment of certain neoplastic diseases. It is 4’-demethylepipodophyllotoxin
9-[4,6-0-(R)-ethylidene-b-D-glucopyranoside]. It is very soluble in methanol and chloroform, slightly
soluble in ethanol and sparingly soluble in water and ether. It is made more miscible with water by means
of organic solvents. It has a molecular weight of 588.58 and a molecular formula of C29H32O13.
TOPOSAR is available for intravenous use as a 20 mg/mL solution in 100 mg (5mL), 200 mg (10mL) and
500 mg (25mL) sterile, multiple dose vials. The pH of the clear yellow solution is 3 to 4. Each mL contains
20 mg etoposide, 2 mg citric acid, 30 mg benzyl alcohol, 80 mg polysorbate 80/tween 80, 650 mg polyethylene
glycol 300, and 30.5% (v/v) alcohol.</p>