training advice for friend-post breast cancer


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Hopefully someone here can help, a lady at my works has had treatment for breast cancer 3-4 years ago and underwent a mastectamy, having had muscle removed from her right lat and lymph nodes removed from her right arm(if facing her) she is left with weakness in both areas. At present she trains several times a week doing 1-1 1/2 hours of cardio. After speaking with her she is quite intrested is starting adding some weight training to her gym time.

I am unable to offer any advice regarding training as she has to be careful due to the operations and treatment she recieve to rid her breast cancer and am hoping some one here hopefully has some further infomation that could be useful to her.
I nearly lost my mum a few year ago to breast cancer so helping my friend achieve her goal is quite close to my heart, any help will be gratefull recieve by both me and my friend..Thankyou

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First of all good for your friend for wanting a healthy life style. Having breast cancer and beating it is an excellent achievement and she should be proud!!!

I'm not sure why she has to be careful due to the operations she recieved. How long ago did her last treatment end? Was it actually 3-4 years ago or does she still get treatments once in a while?

I think she can start on a basic full body workout. I would suggest a 3 day a week split...lower/upper. Something similar to the one I posted.

However I'm not sure of what her restrictions will be due to the muscle from her right lat being removed. She should hire a personal trainer for 4-5 sessions so he/she can see what her range of motion possible is.

I had cervical cancer at a young age and once I was finished all of my treatments I could physically do anything I chose to. I'm pretty sure your friend can also.

If she's worried she should talk to a doctor before starting, but I'm also positive she's good go to. Just tell her to get that personal trainer to watch her range of motion. That way she won't accidentally injure herself by having bad form from compensating for what she can't do.


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unfortunatly most personal trainers have little knowledge of training someone in my friends condition. she has very little strength in both her back and arm.


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the main problem she has is in the operation her lat was cut into and pulled round to be used in reconstruction her breast which was removed.


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Hey Ter...

Give her my blessings!!!

firstly, sweetie, i know you want to help really badly and i don't blame you, but first and foremost, she needs to speak to her doctor and the doctor needs to describe to her in detail her limitations and allowances.. Not to sound corny, but she needs a doctors note to start weight training which will describe what she is physically capable of and what she should steer clear of..
I would never assume to know what would work for her nor what won't... i honestly feel the doctor's recommendations is the absolute way to handle this...

then once you know in detail what she can do, proceed with a training program...

that is my honest advice in this situation and everyone knows i am a strong weight training advocate!!! But cover your ass and cover hers in this situation...