Training tips Welcome....recovering from wrist surgery.


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I'm recovering from a wrist surgery. I ended up developing cysts in my left wrist last year after tearing the sac of fluid that surrounds the wrist bones. Before I could see it I was dealing with horrible pain whenever my left hand has weight in it and was palm up...once I could see it, I at least knew why.

Anyhow after a botched surgery last may a couple of cortisone shots, I really was discouraged. I was diligently training my legs/abs and was doing cardio but once I realized that I wasn't really going to be able to train upper for 9-12 months, I just stuck to a strict diet and a smidge of cardio.

Now my wrist is doing awesome, my last surgery went great. I've been lifting again (light) for about a week. I've reconfigured my entire diet plan (as I'm tiny now and need to put on weight) but my training is not figured out yet. I'd say I have probably 75% of the mobility I have in my right wrist. I'm stretching it and working with it (I'll also start bracing/taping once I start lifting heavier) and I seem to be getting better every day.

So I guess I'm asking for suggestions of how to get a good bi/tri workout with minimal irritation to my wrist. I'm certainly not going to be going overboard and pushing it-- but I also need to minimize how much I have my palm least for right now. I'm doing hammer curls but just feel a little lost as to what else I could do, at least for the next few weeks. I'd also love a new back routine. Thanks!!
welcome again Raina. How long ago was your surgery? How do u feel when u do Hammer Curls? Is it jus palms up motions that bother u?
Glad to hear you are getting back on the road too recovery!

Reverse preacher curls? Palm down motions on those...More for forearms but it's some palm down action. Bi's: Incline dumbell curls?

Get well soon and take it easy!
a just take it real slow, LIGHT weight to start and hopefully u can gradually up the weight a bit and have no pain.

and like vix said, try some reverse curls, there killer on the bi's and forarms..
Thanks!! I had surgery a month ago tomorrow. Hammer curls are feeling fine-- I hadn't even thought of reverse curls. Thank you for the suggestion...I'm glad I posted. :)
I'd definitely agree to take it slow. A month ago is still pretty fresh Raina. Reverse curls are a great exercise. You can even use cables to add something a little different. Good luck sweetie.
Are you able to do pull-ups? You can effectively do these and their variations for not only back development, but also shoulder and biceps. Even a dead or flexed hang would work.

Biceps are also used during a deadlift. I don't know how the pulling on the hand would effect your wrist, but you can always start with something light.

These things added to reverse curls should be helpful in kickstarting your bicep growth again.
Did you try, Kate?

Thought about you this A.M. in the gym while doing the above..:)