Tren not working!!!


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I made some tren from a compenent t-h belt a week and 1/2 ago and I cant feel shit. Its just not working. Are some people immune to Tren or somethin. I followed the instructions

1)mixed crushed pellets in solution(researchology's)
2)added oil and put on low heat in a fryin pan for 15 minuites
3)could not tell if it was completely seperated because of the plastic mixing vial so I drew some of the top and filtered the rest through coffee filter
4)Filtered what had dripped through the coffee filter into vial with whatman .45 and .22
5)baked in oven for 30 miniutes on 250(I did forget to put the other needle into the vial before baking but remembered 15 minuites in and threw it in)

After all that shit...what is the deal, could i have messed up the conversion or should I just give it some more time?

Preciate any feedback. By the way ive just started taking 3 mls a day!


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I forgot to mention that the tren is yellowish orange colored but clear as a shit. I used a 4g kit from researchology. could my tren have gotten caught in the sludge from the coffee filter or evaporated away somehow. It wasnt even that much "gunk" (not compared to what I remembered it being)


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Well I started with the .45 and when that went to shit I switched to the .22 for the last 5-10 mls. This was all after I ran it through the coffee filter


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tren ace takes me about 2 weeks to feel it fully but can deff fell its effects.. with in the first week....


Ok so I'm getting curious to try this myself.
Is there a guide somewhere on here or somewhere anybody can give me a link to?


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That-Guy said:
tren ace takes me about 2 weeks to feel it fully but can deff fell its effects.. with in the first week....
what did you notice ater the first week??


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hm......maybe you baked it too much. I know I only bake mine for 5 tops. You don't want that shit to smoke either. If it boils or smokes real bad you might be wrong. Im glad u posted this, because you reminded me that I have to filter the rest of my Tren. I had to stop because it took so long to filter the first half. I dunno what the deal is. This was the hardest batch ever for me to filter. I've already gone through 3 filters on a 6g batch at 100mg/ml.


Can you get it lab tested? There is no way to know for sure how much is in there. Perhaps it's still useful.


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i have absolutly no idea. i can feel tren after 24 hours even the first time i used it.

i can tell you this;
you did NOT filter it out.
the heat was not too much ive done that many times.

stop injecting so much, go back to 1ml a day and give it some time. The drug should have been present in the belt and your conversion looks fine, therefore the drug is in the oil and youll feel it soon...

im curious, what exactly did you draw off the top? what color was it and how much volume?