Tren question!!

Hi All,

I'm lookin to use a bulking cycle and with your "experienced" inputs, would you suggest I use Tren and at what effective dosage?? and what injectable test would be best to use with it?

P.S I have used Deca and Sust250 before!!
Thanx War!!!

I was lookin at Eq as well but Tren seems stronger but sides is more bad than Eq but Eq is most used for cutting cycle.

I was tinkin of running it for 10 weeks... being my first with tren do you think its safe?


Anabolic Consultant
me personally 8-10 weeks of tren is good! youve cycled in the past, so give it a try and youll see why i eat my cereal in the morning with! i would run a test with the tren and save the eq for another cycle! jmo