Tren question?

its 1/2 is 3 days, so its in the body for 6, but ed or eod is recomended, i really didnt notice any difference in gains on eod, but i was less tempermental on eod injects
from MY experience...although some might find it fina ED is the best way to get the best out of your Fina...

my moods were alot more consistant along with my lifts int he gym....its fairly simple...we have all seen the graph between ED and EOD injections.....your levels are alot more stable on ED injects since you avoid major up and down spikes with them.....again i was alot more consistent in the gym runign it ED...

witht hat being no way am i saying runing EOD is shit....either way youll LOVE it....i had good gains on both methods

i always say consistency is best...if you can keep your levels high for a consistant amount of time its obviously better than SPIKING it up a little higher but then dropping down alot lower....this applies to Fina as well IN MY OPINION :)

take it for what its worth

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