TTokkyo Labs Site?


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Anybody know what happened to TTokkyo s website? It used to show pictures of their products and listed their products.
Thanks Bro

Damn! They supplied good pics to study to judge against fakes!
Oh well.

Thanks again bro

Helo,I think I should have done a little research first, just got back from cabo mx and while there picked up 3 vials if ttokky deca 300 looked legit dog on label and expiration date of march 2014 and lot 983 and other # on label q 6990-032 and a website on thier label that I went to and it did not exsist also picked up 5 vials of test c 200 from steris labs, again looked real legit exp 5-2014 and noc #0402-0256-10 and on the label said manufacture in phoenix az well tried to find a phone # and a little more research found out the lab went under in 1998. anybody have any feedback?